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Goonies 2: its Booth's Time Up Here

welcome to 'THE GOONIES II: It's Booth's Time Up Here' portal -- The classic cinematic vision returns at last. Goonie's fans will finally have an opportunity to sate their thirst for adventure. 'Gross-o MIkey, it sounds like my grandfather taking a leak'.

A bold and revolutionary decison has been made in preparation for Goonies II. Production will be open to fans worldwide. What does this mean?! Well.. in recent years, certain franchises (we all know the films) have re-released unfortunate revivals. It is important to us that the same mistakes are not forced upon Mikey, Mouth or the rest of the gang. We are calling for an open audition! If you are here, you probably have good sense of what this means. Goonies want you to, 'never say die'.

Read on about the plot and, then upload audititons for roles in the movie. Contribute your ideas and/or concerns as well. Let's all get together as Goonies and make our legacy one to be remembered.

Given luck and your support, Goonies 2 will continue with integrity as an ideal extention of the original's magic. So gather all the Goonies fans you know and bring them here. Hopefully yourself and/or someone you know will discover an opportunity to be part of the new adventure, meet some of your favorite childhood actors, and contribute to this cutting edge form of cinematic production!!

To audition please contact us and you will be provided with further information!


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It's Booth's Time up Here